Knit Your Own Yoghurt - The Electric Ceilidh/Barn Dance Band - Oxford/Chipping Norton/Banbury

Knit Your Own Yoghurt is no more but it WAS an established, experienced, electric ceilidh/barn dance band operating in the Oxfordshire area. We used to play a wide range of largely traditional dance tunes from around the UK and further afield.

This is some of what we used to sound like (live recordings from one of our many incarnations):

Shandon Bells/The Frost Is All Over

My Love Is But A Lassie Yet/The Atholl Highlanders

The Valiant

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  • Ian Hall - Bass, lead guitar, banjo, bouzouki, mandolin, recorder
  • Richard Bevan - Melodeon
  • Matthew Bevan - Fiddle, mandolin
  • Martin Stokes - Piano accordion
  • Chris Moffatt - Drums
  • Sue Brown - Rhythm guitar, tin whistle
  • Kate Kirkpatrick - Fiddle
  • Simon Hunt - Bass
  • Nic ? - Rhythm guitar
  • Colin ? - Bass
  • Charlie ? - Bass
  • Malcolm Porter - Fiddle
  • Rosie Bisset - Melodeon, Concertina
  • John Leslie - Melodeon
  • Jo Taylor - Fiddle, Chin 'cello
  • Juha Sorca - rhythm guitar
  • Tony Ecclestone - Bass
  • Pete North - Melodeon, concertina
  • Callers - Peter Lund, Gerard Robinson, John Booth, Mike Courthold, Carol Leslie, Liz Stokes, Chris Shaw, Pete North